Seaside Frolics: Whitstable, Tankerton & Herne Bay by David Gordon Rose, Collections One, ISBN 9780992705725 (paperback, full colour), ISBN 9781912152056 (e-book print replica)
This is the second edition of the author's first volume of photographs. It shows daily life in these three towns of the UK's North Kent coast through the seasons. The book gives a good idea of how the towns and sea front look to local people for the half-year or more without masses of tourists and visitors. It is quiet, even peaceful along the entire sea front away from the road, allowing time on a jog, promenade or cycle ride to admire the skies in particular that the artist J. M. W. Turner (d. 1851) came every Autumn to sketch. It also shows in the Summer section just how busy this stretch of coast can get.
Many of the author's photographs were bought locally and published in the local papers, including a two-page feature in the Whitstable Times. The staff photographer had issued a challenge to anyone who could better his picture of the remaining part of Herne Bay pier in early morning mist. This was a brave thing to do! There is always someone who will come up with a better picture. In the author's case it is the picture of the pier remains and wrought ironwork of the King's Hall, Herne Bay at sunset (the last double page in the book.)
The author lived in Tankerton and Whitstable for several years until 2007 and most of the pictures are from 2003 to 2006. There are pictures of the estuary without the wind turbines, for example. Similarly, dawn shots of Whitstable High Street show in fifteen years many changes. The book includes several pictures up to the Summer of 2018. The author will be in Whitstable before the New Year and may well capture something worthy of putting into the next edition. The book was inspired by the need to update the pictures of the 1920s to 1940s by Douglas West and his father who had a photographic shop on the High Street. The moment came with the introduction of the first quality digital camera alternative to 35 mm film, the Fuji S2 Pro. The author (Animal Photographer of the Year 1982 for a national magazine with a picture taken in China) took to digital technology and was immediately out in the town and along the sea front.
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Book size 8 inches x 10 inches (254.0 mm x 203.4 mm), 161 pages, 181 photographs. Full colour. Book Number One in the publisher's Collections series, second edition.
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